Public Library

Public Library

Support of improvements by the Arlington County Public Library System in regards to physical space, more inclusive community needs and staff development.

Public Library System
(1985, 2012, 2017)

The League of Women Voters of Arlington supports:

1. Needed expansion and adequate maintenance of the physical facilities of the Arlington County Public Library System, accompanied by the hiring of adequate staff vacancies.

2. Improvements by the Arlington County Public Library System of its services to groups with special needs: making library facilities more accessible to person with disabilities and providing materials and programs to those with limited English skills (for example, by hiring
bilingual staff and providing outreach programs.) Continuing assessment by the library of the needs of special groups in the community.

3. Training for staff to make the best use of new technology in the Arlington County Public Library System. Trained staff should be available to train person in the use of new information technology

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